Lois Cares

At Lois we continuously improve and expand our corporate social responsibility. We do this by educating ourselves, keeping up with the latest technologies and innovations and by investing in reducing our environmental footprint. We recognise that sustainability within fashion is a complex matter that should be addressed with absolute transparency and care. 

Made In Spain

Ever since the 60s, Lois has been manufactured in Spain and a small part in Portugal. We feel proud to say that this is still the case today. We are working closely together with our main factory in Valencia, Spain in order to maintain control over the entire production process. 

Because of our Spanish production, we can ensure that the factories we work with are in full compliance with all environmental regulations and provide legal and honest labour conditions. It allows us to track every step of the production process, which provides complete insight into the supply chain of our garments. We are involved from the first fibres to the finished fit.

Our Techniques

Zero Water Fabrics

Our supplier Royo has managed to modify the Indigo dying process. They have created a unique process that dyes denim with 99% less water in a reduced space, which drastically minimises the environmental impact

Eco Washings

Eco Spray is a new revolutionary technique for finishing garments. With this technique, our suppliers use a Nano-Bubbles system to gradually spray water into the tanks, which saves an incredible amount of energy, water and chemicals. 

Lazer Ozone Techniques

The Lazer Ozone techniques are two technologies that allow us to reduce the use of chemicals in our washes. To create our beloved and classic ‘worn-out denim effect’ we use the laser marker, which is a substitute for potassium permanganate. For the fabric colour and wash, we use the ozone machine, which is a substitute for hypochlorite.

Recycled Denim

Our main denim manufacturer EVLOX has developed the RENIM, which is their Recycled Denim line. This recycled denim is the most sustainable option for our fits, as 90% of the water used during manufacturing will later on be reused to water the cotton fields. 

EVLOX acquires their recycled cotton mostly from old jeans and their recycled polyester from PET bottles. Furthermore, we also use recycled twill at our other manufacturer in Santanderina.

Bio Denim

At Lois, we present two collections per year, accompanied by our signature ‘never out of stock’ fits and several limited capsule drops throughout the season. We first introduced our bio denim line with the launch of collection No11 and have been adding and improving our responsible styles ever since. From this collection onwards, we aim to keep adding more bio fits and garments every season. 

Apart from that, we are working towards replacing all our ‘never out of stock’ fabrics with more future proof alternatives. By rethinking and improving our key fabrics, a big part of our essential collection will be more sustainable.